File # 493718 Filed By: Marion Smith

Subject: Sanctuary

It has come to the Departments attention that one of the places where the veil is weakest is the place that also requires the least attention. This weakness is located at a bar known as “Sanctuary”, which has a reputation for being an exclusive night club with a very specific clientele. The reputation fails to mention that the clientele is supernatural in origin.

The proprietor of Sanctuary, Matthias(See file # 716653), established and enforces the rules of neutrality. Members of the department have been granted permission to enter the bar so long as they don’t harass the customers and they do not carry weapons. This is due to previous aid we have rendered to the proprietor (See Incident Report # ).

Location Details: Downtown, 125 Mckinley Ct. The two-story red brick building. Access from the street is possible on Mckinley, as well as from an alley to the side (labeled employees only) and a secondary entrance in the rear, facing out to State St.

Interior Description: From the Mckinley entrance, stairs lead up to what is on file with the city as office spaces/private quarters. Stairs down lead to the bar itself. Tables are spaced out approximately 7 feet apart (arithmantically important number). Current Hypotheses are that the tables in some way channel latent energies that cause a calming effect on patrons, though this is unconfirmed. If true, steps must be taken to ensure mental fortitude is not compromised. Directly across the large room is a set of doors that lead to the State St entrance. To the north of the building is a large bar area. Typical liquors are available as well as those of supernatural variety. To the south of the bar and tables are private rooms for meetings and the more important clientele.

Recommendation: No action should be taken at this time. The proprietor is an unknown variable but at the very least is dangerous due to his ability to call upon a wide variety of supernatural beings, many of whom are beyond the ability of this department to handle. Also recommend further funding for equipment necessary for infiltration

Report filed by Marion Smith


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